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Ubisoft is "actively working" to address crouch and lean spam in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow's end cheating.

Ubisoft has confirmed it is "actively working" on a fix to address the "crouch and lean spamming" currently affecting competitive play in Rainbow Six Siege.

Unscrupulous players are spamming the crouch and lean buttons to evade return fire. Here's a quick video of the technique in action - check out the jittery kill-cam at the end.

"Recently, we have seen a rise of players encountering abusive crouch and lean spamming," said community manager "UbiNoty" in the official subreddit (thanks PCGamesN). "To counter this, the team is actively working on how we want to approach the problem and planning our next steps.

"We are currently prototyping a few systems to address this. More details will be shared about our exact methodology as we draw closer to a final version."

While Ubisoft admits it's not entirely sure how best to address the issue, acknowledging the problem and informing players that it's looking for a way to tackle it has gone down well with the community.

"Maybe you don't have a fix, maybe you don't even have an idea for a fix, but at least you confirm that you are aware of the problem," said one commenter. "Honestly even if the dev team came in here and said we know users think it's a problem but we don't see any real reason to fix it right now I would be happier than with nothing."

"This. This is all that was needed," another agreed. "SOME COMMUNICATION. We weren't expecting a solution straight away, we just wanted some acknowledgement that Ubi saw this as a problem as well. So thank you for the update, and thank you for looking into this."

"I love how CSGO handles this," added another, suggesting that Ubisoft explore a similar resolution. "You can crouch 2 times, since the third one it slows the f*ck down and it downright stops at the 4th try."

Cover image for YouTube videoRainbow Six Siege - PS4 gameplay (Live)