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Ubisoft delays Ghost Recon Breakpoint's new "immersive mode" and Engineer Class

To ensure the experience "will be a great one".

Ubisoft has opted to delay Ghost Recon Breakpoint's previously announced "immersive mode" and Engineer Class, both of which were originally expected to launch this month, in order to "ensure that the experience will be a great one".

Breakpoint, you might recall, didn't receive the greatest of receptions when it launched last October. Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake, for instance, called it a "half-baked hotchpotch of magpie'd ideas that neither function properly nor mesh" and "a broken, swirling vortex of recycled Ubisoft mechanics stamped across a dismal, forgettable world."

Breakpoint's critical and commercial failure ultimately had a dramatic impact on Ubisoft's financial targets, as well as its approach to future titles. Even, so the publisher committed to improving the game, telling fans it was working on a "more radical and immersive version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint", designed to deliver a "gritty and authentic military experience".

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Few specific details have been revealed about this "immersive" update as yet, beyond the fact it's designed around "freedom of choice", but it was originally scheduled to arrive this month, alongside Breakpoint's new Engineer Class.

With February almost over, however, and no further news forthcoming, fans were beginning to suspect that plans had changed. And, now, Ubisoft has confirmed those suspicions, announcing a delay for the immersive update in a new blog post.

"Our objective with the new immersive mode is to provide an impactful update to the game using your feedback as the foundation", the publisher wrote, explaining that "the complexity of integrating this new mode has proven to be a challenge and we want to ensure that the experience will be a great one when it releases."

To that end, Breakpoint's immersive update - which will include the new Engineer Class and, all being well, Episode 2 - has been given a new release window of "spring". Additional information will be shared next Thursday, 5th March.