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Treyarch shows off new and improved version of Miami, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's worst map

Vice city.

Treyarch revealed the new and improved version of Miami - widely considered Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's worst map.

In a tweet video, below, Treyarch unveiled Miami Strike, which launches next week in multiplayer with a new 6v6 close-quarters layout and a 24/7 playlist.

The first thing you'll notice is Miami Strike is set in the daytime, whereas the original Miami is set at night. This is significant because one of the chief criticisms of Miami has to do with its poor visibility due to the dark.

The tweet also shows how Miami Strike is a lot smaller than the original Miami. This is also key, as there is a significant amount of wasted space in Miami that makes the map feel too big for standard 6v6 game modes.

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Treyarch put a heavy focus on Miami in the run up to the launch of Black Ops Cold War, with its 1980s vibe making it feel like the game's signature multiplayer map.

It was a shame, then, that it quickly became considered the worst map in multiplayer, and players would often back out of games that lumped them in Miami - or vote against it in the pre-match lobby. As I wrote in our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review: "Miami has all sorts of problems, including poor visibility, an ill-thought out layout and a large part of the map that often goes unused. I quite hate Miami, in fact, and always vote for the other map when it comes up. It's Black Ops Cold War's Piccadilly."

The OG Miami.

Miami Strike arrives as part of the mid-season two update for Black Ops Cold War. Prop Hunt will return, with Miami Strike and Satellite added to the map rotation along with new props. It looks like there will be a new Zombies experience of some kind, too.

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