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Total War: Rome 2 release date is Tuesday, 3rd September worldwide

The £110 Collector's Edition has a replica catapult for god's sake!

Total War: Rome 2 will be released worldwide on Tuesday, 3rd September, Sega has announced.

You can pre-order it now and, if you do, you'll get Rome 2's first lump of DLC - the Greek States Culture Pack, which adds three extra playable factions (Epirus, Athens and Sparta) - for free.

If you want to go one better, grab the Collector's Edition, bound in a "leather-effect" presentation box. It's got a magnetic closure you know.

Inside the Collector's Edition a bloomin' board game, Tabula, a precursor to Backgammon. It has "bone-effect" pieces and burlap, drawstring bag. Oh and get this: the board itself is built into the base of the Collector's Edition.

Also inside are three "bone-effect" Roman Tessarae dice and even a ruddy Total War card game called Punic Wars, which has 58 playing cards and a game board printed with a tech tree.

There's a canvas campaign map as well - of course there is - but the jewel in the crown has to be a small-scale but fully-functional Onager Roman catapult!

"This easy-to-assemble kit is constructed from weathered wood and steel, measures 26cm x 12cm x 12cm, and is capable of unleashing small projectiles at a variety of inanimate objects which may have affronted the glory of your empire."

There are only 22,000 Collector's Editions being made and it costs a gargantuan £110.

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