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Tomb Raider reboot script leaks

Lines reveal Lara Croft origins.

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A portion of script from Crystal Dynamic's upcoming Tomb Raider origin story has leaked. There may be spoilers ahead.

The pages, obtained from a voice-casting session and posted by Siliconera, contain dialogue between a young Lara Croft and 52-year old fellow boat crash survivor Conrad Roth.

At one point Roth wanders off and promptly has his leg chewn by wolves. A young and still nervous Lara must take charge:

ROTH: You can do this Lara; after all, you are a Croft.

LARA: (Weakly) I don't think I'm that kind of Croft.

ROTH: (Encouraging) Sure you are. You just don't know it yet.

While the script may have changed since, its tone fits with what we know of the title so far. Lara is young and inexperienced, with the game's trials yet to toughen Croft into the tomb raiding action hero of later titles.

"Lara had hit her apex in how she was before," Crystal Dynamics boss Darrell Gallagher recently explained. "The crucial thing is that it feels like her, even though it's completely different."

There's also a full-blown movie on the way. It's also a reboot, although there's no word on if it will follow Crystal Dynamic's story. Iron Man and Children of Men writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby were recently announced as penning its script for a 2013 release.

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