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Tomb Raider reboot is "necessary"

Crystal Dynamics: "Lara had hit her apex."

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Crystal Dynamics' decision to give the Tomb Raider franchise a comprehensive makeover with the forthcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 reboot felt like the only way to go for the series, the developer has insisted.

Discussing the game with Edge, Crystal Dynamics boss Darrell Gallagher explained that the game's traditional formula had run out of steam.

"A reboot for us felt like the necessary thing to do," said Gallagher.

"Lara had hit her apex in how she was before, and we didn't really feel we could take that any farther. It was a chance to look at everything again, bring new people in who had been interested in the franchise before but didn't feel like Lara was modern enough.

"We left no stones unturned as we were going through the concept, and then kept the right stones. The crucial thing is that it feels like her, even though it's completely different."

The title, due out later this year, sees a young Lara Croft attempting to survive after being shipwrecked on a remote Japanese island.

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