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Three scrumptious new Witcher 3 screenshots

Off with his head!

CD Projekt Red has unleashed three scrumptious new screenshots of The Witcher 3.

The first shows hero Geralt on horseback as he comes upon the scene of a bloody battle, where a headless corpse is slumped against a tree stump, and others are face down, bloody in the mud.

In another scene, Geralt explores a typically Witcher city street, and happens upon two thugs laying into an unfortunate victim. His hand goes to his sword, ready to intervene.

The final shot shows Geralt, again on horseback, navigating a swamp area - though he's not the only one there.

The screenshots were released to coincide with the launch of CD Projekt Red's new forum, which you can post thoughtful comments in right now.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It doesn't have a release date beyond 2014, which probably means we've still a while to wait.

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