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THQ unveils Wii drawing tablet

uDraw GameTablet out this Christmas.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has invented a drawing tablet for Wii called the uDraw GameTablet.

Due Christmas time, the tablet is roughly as big as a Wii console on its side but only an inch-and-a-half thick. Specifically the uDraw GameTablet measures 9x6 inches, with an effective 4x6 inch drawing area.

There's housing for a Wiimote, and power is drawn directly from the controller, meaning the tablet can be picked up and the motion sensing capabilities of the Wiimote used without interference from wires. There's also a pressure sensitive stylus that has two buttons to mimic those on the Wii nunchuk.

The uDraw GameTablet will come bundled with uDraw Studio, a kid-friendly suite of drawing tools.

THQ has also made Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure games for the uDraw GameTablet, with more titles promised for 2011. Pictionary speaks for itself; Dood's Big Adventure, on the other hand, is an action adventure game that requires tilting and drawing to progress through.

THQ told Eurogamer this morning that the UK and European price of the uDraw GameTablet are "still being confirmed". We'll know "shortly", apparently. The US price will be $69.99 for the uDraw GameTablet and $29.99 each for the games.

Will the uDraw GameTablet be any good? Christian Donlan did the fondling for Eurogamer to find out.

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