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This Better Call Saul Gameboy fan game is the best thing we'll never play

S'all good, man.

Three fans, led by Lumpy Touch, have taken Better Call Saul and Gameboy'd it.

A three-minute teaser - which includes light spoilers for S1E9, S5E8, and S6E5, so be warned - lovingly recreates Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's Breaking Bad spin-off as a monochrome Gameboy game, complete with plenty of fan service touches, including one of the scariest things I've ever seen: a happy Mike.

Better Call Saul Gameboy'd: Spoiler warning for episodes S1E9, S5E8, and S6E5!

The demake includes character options - which ranks your three playable characters Jimmy, Kim, and Mike by their Guts, Hustle, Authority, and Lawyer traits as well as unique passive skills - cut-scenes, and even a fab chip-tune version of the theme track. The slightly spoilerific gameplay we see plays on some of the scenarios Jimmy's found himself in over the years and I really, really want to play it.

"Better Call Saul is now on the Nintendo Gameboy!" the video description explains (thanks, TheGamer). "Play as your favorite characters! Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman, Kim Wexler, and Finger! Play levels based on over 6 seasons of the hit TV series! Explore the desert! Box your rival! Escape from the diabolical Lalo! You're in the game. But can you BEAT the game?"

For more Slippin' Jimmy and the show which is just about to broadcast its final ever episode (sob), check out Chris' Off Topic column, the wide open space of Better Call Saul.

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