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Third Guitar Hero DS game sighted

With Franz Ferdinand, Sum 41, etc.

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Activision is preparing a third Guitar Hero game for Nintendo DS subtitled "Modern Hits" according to an ESRB game rating.

Said page doesn't just list the title and format, however, but it also reveals a few of the included songs by mentioning specific lyrics. So if you're a fan of Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer", Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" or Sum 41's "Still Waiting", get ready to tap along on the bus.

An Activision spokesperson couldn't comment on the game when we rang up this morning, which leaves certain details up in the air.

For example, will it continue to use the fret-button peripheral that locks into the DS' or DS Lite's GBA slot? One would assume so, since the incompatible DSi hardware that bodes ill for it isn't due out here for yonks.

And of course, when will it be released? After all, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades only came out in Europe in the middle of November.

We'll let you know once Activision wakes up and officially announces it.

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