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There's some strange stuff going on in the God of War reveal video

Blink and you'll miss it.

Sony raised eyebrows at E3 last week when it unveiled a very different look and feel for the new God of War. But there was more to the video that ran during Sony's media briefing than a straight up gameplay reveal.

One NeoGAF user has picked apart the video and reckons he's spotted hints that the game will feature huge bosses.

Let's start with this strange, ghost-like figure hovering in the background. Creepy!

Users on Reddit speculate this could the the Norse god, Loki, which would peg old-man Kratos as Odin and his whippersnapper son as Thor. The new God of War, remember, is based on Norse mythology.

Then there's this flying thing. What could that be?

And finally, the biggest and best one: what appears to be a huge snake-like creature moving slowly among some trees. On first glance this looks like a river, but squint and you'll see it can't possibly be water. It's something else entirely. (Check it out in the video below from the 9.20 mark.)

But what? Current speculation pegs it as the famous Midgard Serpent, also known as Jörmungandr or the World Serpent.

Either way, it seems that despite the new God of War shifting the camera to a tight, over-the-shoulder perspective, and a distinctly less angry Kratos in the gameplay reveal, it looks like we're in for some big boss battles.

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