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The Witcher 3 - The Merry Widow

How to complete The Merry Widow Contract, from tracking down the location of Mourntart to killing the enemy nice and quickly.

You'll pick up this next Contract by heading to the noticeboard in Lindenvale and perusing the entries. It seems that there's a mysterious monster rummaging around in the local graveyard, having a good sniff around the graves, and not taking too kindly to anyone who tries to stop it from doing so. As if that wasn't bad enough, it's also stolen the miller's boy.

To get the quest underway, make your way towards the gravedigger's house which can be found in the north-east part of town. You'll find your man by the fence near a pile of work-in-progress tombstones. Work through all of the dialogue options as he tells you the tale of what happened to the boy. Get your fee agreed, then get ready to make your way to the graveyard and deal with this menace once and for all.

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Head north along the path that takes you away from the town, then look for a small church that stands above the village. Be prepared to tackle some beasties as you make your way along there - dogs, wraiths and the like. Once you've killed all of the local wildlife, get ready to examine the crime-scene thoroughly and in relative peace.

Switch on your Witcher Senses and take a good look over all three of the graves. You'll find another grave to the right of the chapel which smells fresh. Follow the trail of the smell downhill, over the bridge, and down the path until you come to a bear which you need to kill.

When the bear's dead, start trailing again until you come to a cottage called Mourntart's Hut. Go inside and take a look at all the clobber lying around. Approach the skulls and grab them, then make your way back towards the graveyard. Go to the chapel, and put the items you've taken on the altar inside.

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How to kill Mourntart

Time to fight the beast itself. Grab your silver sword, then start chopping away at this horrible mushy monster. To make life a bit easier for yourself, consider using Black Blood potions during the fight, and slap some Necrophage Oil on your blades while you're at it. You'll also find your Quen and Yrden Signs useful during the fight.

Pick through the creature's guts to get your ingredients and your kill trophy. When you've picked everything up, jump on your horse, head back to Lindenvale and talk to the gravedigger once more. Hand over the bits and bobs and take your Contract reward.

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