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The Witcher 3 - Woodland Beast

Our step-by-step guide to completing the Woodland Beast Witcher Contract, from tracking down your targets to choosing how to end the quest.

You can get this contract by perusing the messages on the notice board in Border Post on Halver Isle. The quest has been posted by Redanian Captain Felix Grubb, and you'll get more details if you go and visit him at the refugee camp just south-east of Border Post.

The problem he has involves a monster that's causing terror amongst the local population. He wants you to track down this beast and kill it, before bringing back a trophy item as proof that you got the job done. Do so, and you'll be given a nice chunk of change and a pass which lets you access Novigrad over the Pontar river.

Head south-west from your contact towards your target location, which isn't all that far away from the Inn at the Crossroads. Use your Witcher Senses when you arrive to examine the corpses covered in claw marks, a chest, and some fresh tracks.

Follow the tracks over the road and into the swampy section where a load of drowners are waiting to hold you up. Kill them all, then return to following the tracks until they vanish. Make your way up the hill, but be prepared for an attack by a Scoia'tael Archer. You've now got two different paths to take for finishing this quest.

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If you instruct the Scoia'tael to stop killing, you'll have to kill a pack of them before you can head back and hand your quest in to Felix Grubb. If, on the other hand, you speak to the archer and ask for the commander, things will work out differently. First you'll be led to an elven camp. If you still protest at their activities, you'll have to fight without weapons, but if you let them do their thing you'll be given some very tasty rewards.

You can even double-cross them if you want and get both rewards, but if you do so you'll be ambushed later outside of Novigrad - you've been warned!

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