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The Witcher 3 - Jenny o' the Woods: how to kill the nightwraith

Don't miss our step-by-step guide to completing the Jenny o' the Woods quest in The Witcher 3 without breaking so much as a sweat.

To start this Contract, you'll first of all need to head over to the noticeboard located in Midcospe and have a mooch through all of the notes posted to the board.

The ealdorman of Midcopse, Bolko, is having some trouble with a creature threatening the local fields. No-one can work there on their own while the threat's at large, and certainly not without a solid piece of farm equipment in there hands in case the enemy shows up.

Your first job is to track down Bolko himself and talk to him about the problem. Make your way over to the contact who's leaning against his hut, and then negotiate a fee for your troubles if you like. Ask about anyone who's seen this terrifying apparition, and Bolko will explain that a chap called Old Willem did recently. Unluckily for you, Willem dropped dead not long after, but a character called Agneta might just be able to help you instead.

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You'll find Agneta in the grass towards the edge of this pleasant village, and she'll in fact claim to have seen Jenny herself. As the form of the apparition came together, Agneta panicked and ran back home. Note the time of the wraith's appearance - twilight - so that you can spot this apparition yourself.

Now that you're ready to do battle with this ghostly figure, follow a path out of Midcopse in a north-westerly direction, and stop when you reach the fields in question. Activate your Witcher Senses so you can scope out the area, and look for some footprints that lead you towards a rather worrying blood mark.

Find the Assassin's Knife and the letter in the grave

Next, examine the blood mark carefully and take the nearby knife. This provides you with the Assassin's Knife quest item.

From here, make your way along the path, looking out for marks on the ground which indication the direction the body was dragged along in. The trail comes to an end soon enough, and you'll find yourself right by a pretty fresh-looking grave. Interact with this resting place and take the letter that's poking out from it.

This letter explains Zula's fear of Bokhai. Head back to the ealdorman in Midcopse and tell him what you've learned. He'll explain that both of these characters vanished a short while ago, and instruct you to go to the clearing that's to the west. This is where the pair used to visit all the time.

Head to the clearing and look for a campfire with some bedding right next to it. Before doing anything else, make sure you clear out the local area, so you don't get some extra unwelcome attention during the fight ahead of you.

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How to summon and kill Jenny o' the Woods

Meditate if it's not already night, and then interact with the fire. This will summon Jenny to the area, so get your sword and prepare to kill her. If you want to make this fight much easier, use Moon Dust and Dimeritium Bombs, plus a good coating of Specter Oil on your blades. You can also make use of your Yrden Sign.

When Jenny's dead, loot the corpse and make sure you get the skull and bones trophy. Get back on your horse, ride into town and take the proof back to Bolko. Once you've done so, you'll receive your reward and finish up this quest.

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