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The Witcher 3 - Patrol Gone Missing: how to kill the wyvern

How to complete the Patrol Gone Missing Witcher Contract, from locating the abandoned camp, to making very light work of the wyvern fight.

This is one of the briefest Contracts you can pick up in the Witcher 3, and all you need to do in order to get it started is approach the noticeboard located in the Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp. You'll find the board just outside the tent of the quartermaster.

Here's what's up. The note you collect explains that a patrol has gone missing somewhere, and there's a not-too-shabby reward on offer for whoever can track the missing soldiers down. The first thing to do is go inside the tent that has the sun markings on it, and then talk to the quartermaster himself, Eggebracht.

Work through all of the dialogue options you'd like to with him, and then ask Eggebracht for a spot of work when you're ready to begin the quest itself. He'll ask you to make your way over to a camp that's just over the lake that's located to the north-west of the army camp.

Set off and make your way towards the target area, but be ready to kill the nekkers that are lurking around here and making a nuisance of themselves. Eventually you'll come to the lake. Cross it, then head into the forested area ahead of you.

Switch on your Witcher Senses when you reach the abandoned camp, and begin your investigation by looking at the campfire. Follow the footprints that lead you into the forest, and keep going until Geralt gets a whiff of something.

Keep working your way along the path of the smell, inspecting the piles of Draconid musk that litter the floor. As you investigate each one, you'll have to do battle with an assortment of bandits and nekkers, so always have your sword ready.

Head back to camp and follow the footprints until you reach a bear. Kill it, take a look at the remains on the ground nearby, then keep heading down the path in a south-eastern directly, and approach a hill with a distinct lack of trees on it.

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How to kill the wyvern near the abandonced camp

When you get there, you'll hear a terrifying noise that heralds the arrival of a mighty wyvern. It looks like you've found the beast responsible for all this carnage. If you want to make the fight a bit easier, make use of your Aard Sign, chug a Golden Oriole potion, coat your blades in Draconid Oil, and also fling the odd Grapeshot Bomb around for good measure.

When you've finished fighting this monster, make sure you loot the ingredients and trophy from its body, then head back to town. Speak with Eggebracht to get your just rewards and finish up the Contract.

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