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The next Ace Attorney game will be set over 100 years ago

UPDATE: New trailer shows off Phoenix Wright's ancestor.

UPDATE 24/4/14 8.20am Capcom has released its first look at the next Ace Attorney game, which will star an ancestor of modern day lawyer Phoenix Wright from around 1900.

Also included is a look at his assistant, who appears similar to regular modern day character Maya Fay.

There's no word on a Western release yet - or how Capcom's translators might handle Wright suddenly having Japanese roots (the series' English-language versions have suggested that the games are set in North America).

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ORIGINAL STORY 22/4/14 7.20pm: If you thought the Ace Attorney series got crazy when Phoenix Wright joined forces with Professor Hershel Layton, you ain't seen nothing yet, as franchise creator Shu Takumi is radically changing the lawyer sim with its next installment set in Japan's Meiji period (1868-1912).

According to some leaked Famitsu scans (translated via Siliconera), the game's Japanese title is Dai Gyakuten Saiban, which roughly translates to The Great Ace Attorney. The game will star Phoenix Wright's ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo (Naruhodo Wright's Japanese surname). Cutting a striking figure in a historical school uniform with a katana sheathed on his hip, the caption next to him apparently reads "I'll become a lawyer... definitely!"

The Great Ace Attorney is slated for release on 3DS. Once again Takumi will return to the director's chair, while E.X. Troopers and Monster Hunter's Shintaro Kojima will be operating as producer.

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