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Pirate-themed Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies DLC announced

UPDATE: Confirmed for European release.

UPDATE: Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies's whale defense DLC will launch in Europe, Capcom has announced.

The story episode - revealed yesterday for launch in Japan - will also arrive in the West. It will be available to download shortly after the game's digital release this autumn, Capcom said.

We'll also be getting the three DLC costumes, although there's no mention of the quiz DLC.

ORIGINAL STORY: Upcoming Phoenix Wright game Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies will be expanded with a range of DLC, including a pirate-themed case that will bridge the game's story with that of proceeding title Apollo Justice.

Dual Destinies sees the return of original series protagonist Phoenix Wright, and DLC episode "Special Chapter: Turnabout Return" will reveal Wright's first case back at the bar, Siliconera reported.

In typical Phoenix Wright fashion, the case stars an orca whale and her pirate-obsessed trainer. Wright must defend the whale in court against a murder charge.

Other DLC will include a deduction quiz set at Wright's office - the first slice of this comes free in the game already - and extra costumes.

Dual Destinies launches today in Japan for 3DS. In Europe and North America the game will be an eShop-only digital download, due for release sometime later this year.