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Ace Attorney 5′s heroine will deduce lies by listening to heartbeats

Apollo Justice gets a new look.

Capcom Japan has revealed details about Phoenix Wright's new companion Kizuki Kokone, who has the special talent of being able to tell when people are lying by listening to their heartbeats.

Kizuki Kokone.

As reported by Siliconera, Kokone's special ability introduces a new mechanic where the player will have to listen to a witness' heartbeat - dubbed their "Heart's Testimony" - with some kind of "Heart Scope" to determine their emotional state. The player will hear the witness' heartbeat mixed with other noises and they'll have to reduce the other sounds by pointing out contradictory emotional responses to what they say in their testimonies.

The Heart Scope will have four faces - one in each corner - to represent different emotions, and the player will have to determine what the witness is feeling.

Elsewhere, Capcom's Japanese site has revealed pictures of returning ace attorney Appolo Justice, who's wearing a Solid Snake-esque bandage around his eye. Why is he all banged up? That's the mystery.

Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed for a Western release on 3DS, though no launch window has been announced.

Appolo Justice.

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