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Ace Attorney 5 to feature fully voice-acted dialogue


Phoenix Wright's 3DS debut Ace Attorney 5 will feature voice acting - a first for the series.

According to a report in Nintendo Dream (via Siliconera), Capcom acknowledged this is bound to be a divisive move that won't please everyone, but after careful consideration it decided this was the best way to progress.

Part of the reason for this is due to the 3DS' surround sound capabilities, which apparently would have made porting the DS' sounds over very difficult due to "tuning issues."

The staff also wanted the in-game talking to better match the fully voiced anime cutscenes.

Elsewhere in the report, the developer said it would like the newest rendition of Phoenix to inherit traits from both his non-attorney presence in Apollo Justice and his dorky, naive college student persona we saw in Trials and Tribulations' flashbacks.

This time out Phoenix's new partner is a defense attorney working under him named Kokone Kizuki. She'll use a special necklace to monitor witnesses' emotions.

The question is do people want a voice-acted Ace Attorney cast? I guess we'll have to hear the English voice-acting to see how it adds up, but it's got lot to overcome after years of us filling in these character's voices in our heads.

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