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The ghost of Fortnite's Infinity Blade lives on in a bizarre glitch

What the dickens.

Fortnite players thought they were finally free of the game's overpowered Infinity Blade when it was removed three days ago - but they were wrong. Despite being encased in an ice block, the sword's mystical powers live on.

Multiple Reddit and Twitter users have reported a bug where the Infinity Blade's smashing effect mysteriously reappears and follows them around wherever they go. It's like a guardian angel - except one which destroys anything you build, preventing you from protecting yourself from incoming fire.

It's unclear if anything in particular triggers the bug, but it seems to have come about after the game's latest update, which rolled out this morning. Although most of the reported cases show this bug appearing on the PC version, a couple have also displayed it on PS4.

It's an amusing glitch and could certainly make your game more entertaining, although I doubt being transformed into some kind of poltergeist would be as welcome in one of Fortnite's ranked event matches. Maybe you could scare off the competition.

Fortnite Patch v7.10 seems to have brought more issues than most - and that's really saying something, as Fortnite is notorious for its teething issues with every update. Fortnite's Save the World mode has been entirely disabled to allow Epic to investigate various technical issues, while the main battle royale mode is suffering from a variety of highly visible bugs and glitches.

Many players are reporting problems with accidentally falling under the map, particularly when in planes or around Polar Peak - sometimes both, as we discovered during Eurogamer's lunchtime Fortnite session.


Epic is apparently looking into the reports of bugs and problems with server performance. One Reddit commenter has handily compiled a list of the reported bugs so far.

Along with the bizarre bugs, Fortnite's latest update brings Christmas cheer with decorations for planes, lights for bushes, sliding vehicles and the 14 Days of Fortnite Christmas event. This will see players "explore new challenges" and "unlock rewards", and the event will rotate a range of LTMs for players throughout the Christmas period.

To the community's delight, Epic has also introduced a damage penalty for the game's planes, which previously didn't hurt passengers when they exploded. You have to keep things realistic, right?

If you were hoping to catch some fresh powder, however, you're going to have to wait for that too. The new driftboard, which was expected to drop in the update, has also been delayed to allow Epic to focus on "quality of life improvements". Judging by what players are currently reporting, that certainly sounds like a good idea.

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