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Epic pulls overpowered Infinity Blade from Fortnite

"We messed up…"

Epic has pulled the Infinity Blade weapon from Fortnite for being overpowered.

Epic added the sword from its mobile game of the same name just four days ago, but players quickly found it to be ruining the battle royale game.

The Infinity Blade was a one-off item that could be picked up in Fortnite's main game mode. It gave the bearer an extraordinary advantage: 200 health, 200 shield, the ability to leap great distances and to deal 75 damage with each swing. It looked like this:

The sword managed to completely unbalance the game - and its inclusion in Fortnite's seasonal tournament caused chaos in a competition with a prize pool of $1m.

The Infinity Blade's ability to bulldoze structures made it an incredibly powerful late-game item. In the clip below, Psalm demolishes the opposition in one of the North American matches of the $1m tournament.

In a tweet, Epic said it had "vaulted" the Infinity Blade, admitting: "we messed up".

Epic is no stranger to vaulting items soon after it adds them to Fortnite. Back in April it pulled the then controversial guided missile weapon from the game two weeks after it added it. And who can forget Fortnite's on again off again trolley from June?

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