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The Flame in the Flood will soak onto PS4 with exclusive extras

UPDATE: Fires up in two weeks.

UPDATE 5/1/17: PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play The Flame in the Flood on 17th January.

This new Complete Edition will, as detailed below, include a new director's commentary and other extras. Here's a fresh new trailer to celebrate:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition PS4 Release Date Trailer - Official

ORIGINAL STORY 2/12/16: Survival adventure The Flame in the Flood will launch for PlayStation 4 in January via a Complete Edition with exclusive extras.

Previously available for PC and Xbox One, this new version will add a director's commentary, a dynamic theme and avatars and unspecified "gameplay enhancements".

The Flame in the Flood tasks you with surviving in a torn-up Americana world, which you traverse by river.

Its world is procedurally-generated, and it has all the usual survival tropes of fighting off enemies and foraging, crafting and resource management.

Indie publisher Curve Digital has picked up the game for its PS4 launch - you can see a new trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video

"If you can handle the wild river - and the odd bug - there's plenty to love in this heartfelt survival game," Chris Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's Flame in the Flood review.