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The Eurogamer Podcast - Superhot, Devil Daggers and The Flame in the Flood

Also: discover Christian Donlan's favourite meme!

Hello! It's time for another episode of Eurogamer's every-other-weekly video games podcast. I couldn't find anyone in the office that had been playing Far Cry Primal, so this week's all about brilliant indie games instead. Listen, I hear you. It's not my fault I work with a bunch of hipsters.

Speaking of which, Christian Donlan is on today's podcast talking about a bunch of stuff he's been playing. We kick off with the incredibly stylish Superhot, a game about dodging bullets and killing people in the most satisfying way possible. Or is it? Well, yes, of course it is, but Donlan gets all psychological about it all the same.

I mean, to be fair to him, we haven't been playing Superhot in exactly the same way. I've been getting a bit silly about achieving high scores in some of its challenge modes and this has led to hours repeating the same scenarios over and over again. That'd be manageable on its own, but I've also fallen pretty hard for Devil Daggers too, a game designed solely around this very idea. Oli Welsh is understandably horrified by all of this.

And finally, we move on to The Flame in the Flood, a game about rafting and a dog. Despite its somewhat buggy release, we gave it a Recommended badge last week, which probably means it's quite good. Is it? Well, you can listen to our podcast and find out. Or read the review, I guess. I'll level with you here, I'd prefer it if you listened to the podcast.

Alternatively, you can find the podcast in these places:

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Apologies for the audio quality in this episode, we had some electrical noise being picked up by our microphone. This is a bad thing.

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The Flame in the Flood

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch

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