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The Evil Within 2 now has an official first-person mode

Don't look now.

Developer Tango Gameworks' open-world horror sequel The Evil Within 2 has just been updated to include an official first-person mode.

Like its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 unfolds predominantly from a third-person perspective, although several first-person sequences do feature. Following the game's launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One last year, however, fans quickly discovered that a rudimentary first-person mode could be accessed for an entire play-through by inputting a couple of console commands on the PC version.

That first-person mode has now been polished up and officially incorporated into all versions of The Evil Within 2 as an optional extra, and can be downloaded now in a free update on PC and console. Once you have the latest patch installed, simply toggle first-person mode on in the options menu. And if you're curious to see what The Evil Within 2 looks like through the eyes of its protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, check out the new trailer below.

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To celebrate the arrival of The Evil Within 2's first-person mode, the game is being discounted on all platforms. It's half price at £19.99 on Steam until 6pm tomorrow, February 15th, and Xbox One owners can pick it up at 50% off for £25. PS4 players, meanwhile, get 60% off at £19.99. The discount offer runs for a full seven days on console.

If you'd rather try before you buy, there's a demo of the game available for all formats, and publisher Bethesda says that the trial version now includes the new first-person option.

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