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Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2 are PlayStation Now's newest additions

Get Even also available.

Sony continues to expand the offerings available on PlayStation Now, with Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2, and Get Even all available on the game subscription service from today.

The Evil Within 2 initially released on PlayStation 4 in 2017, and gave the spooky third-person action of its Shinji Mikami directed predecessor - which frequently felt like a celebratory greatest hits compilation of survival horror classics - a more modern spin, throwing combat, crafting, and a new open-world structure into the mix.

The end result, which charts returning protagonist Detective Sebastian Castellanos' hunt for his missing daughter, was generally well-received. Indeed, despite a few reservations regarding certain story elements, and its sometimes wobbly stealth and combat, Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirwell reckoned that, "There are chills and spills enough here to sate most patrons of the bloody arts" in his The Evil Within 2 review.

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Next up is Ubisoft's online tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege, which arrives on PlayStation Now in its base edition form. Despite a rough start in 2015, Ubisoft has continued to evolve and refine the multiplayer experience - so much so that Eurogamer gave it a rare re-review in 2018.

A game which initially elicited only muted praise had become "one of the most rewarding tactical multiplayer experiences available" and "an exercise in well-managed complexity and lethal competitive verve." It even got a Eurogamer Recommended badge second time around.

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Last up for PlayStation Now in May is developer Farm 51's Get Even - a first-person psychological thriller with puzzling and gunplay in which a mercenary is forced to relive his memories after waking up in an abandoned asylum. Edwin wasn't too impressed with this one on release in 2017, calling it a "pretty humdrum tale of overweening pride and blundering villainy" and a "trashy, overwrought psychodrama with the odd inspired touch".

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All three games are already available on PlayStation Now, and as for end dates, Sony notes that Rainbow Six Siege will remain on the service until 2nd November this year.

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