Get Even

A trashy, overwrought psychodrama with the odd inspired touch that alternates between simple forensic puzzles and gimmicky gunplay.

World War 3 announced and it has battle royale

Get Even developer Farm 51 has announced a serious-about-realism multiplayer shooter called World War 3. In one mode it's like Battlefield, with big battles and tanks, and in the other, a battle royale game like PUBG.

How it's different from PUBG isn't immediately clear, but a press release called the battle royale Recon mode "tactically-oriented" and said you'll work in small squads to capture high-value targets in hostile territory. The aim is to make it feel like actual warfare, apparently.

The Battlefield-like Warzone mode, meanwhile, combines infantry and armoured vehicles and drones for a bigger-scale battle.

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Get Even review

Get Even review

Virtual mundanity.

All stories involve a degree of misdirection by definition, but it often feels like misdirection is the only card Get Even has to play. Even the game's cast seem frustrated by its taste for obfuscation. Following one particular breakthrough, Cole Black, the (yes, ironically named) ex-military roughneck who serves as protagonist for most of the tale, asks his enigmatic associate "Red" why he couldn't have just given everything away upfront. Red and developer The Farm 51's answer is that you have to experience some events as they unfold in order to grasp their import - and there are times, during the game's final moments, especially, when this hoary old maxim rings true. But Get Even's twists and turns are more often evasive and defensive than tantalising or engaging. It has the mildly frantic air of an emperor who's just noticed a bit of a draught around his nether regions.

Get Even

Publisher: Bandai Namco

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Get Even's been knocking about in some shape or another since 2014, and in all that time it hasn't really been on my radar. Now, though, with only a handful of months until its release and having sampled the first hour of this first-person thriller, it most definitely is.

Get Even gets virtual reality

Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift support in the works.

Get Even, the next game from the people behind Painkiller and Deadfall Adventures, will support virtual reality headsets.

This is Get Even, the next-gen FPS from Painkiller dev The Farm 51

UPDATE: Dev explains how it scans real-world locales to construct levels.

UPDATE: One of Get Even's most unique features is its cutting edge 3D scanning technology that recreates real-world locations in the game - as demoed in the trailer below. This begs the question: will its reliance on real-world locales hinder the level design? After all, real-world architecture likely isn't as suited to a gunfight as fictional maps the developer could manufacture.