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Watch: Ian plays the first 90 minutes of Get Even live

Uncover the truth at 3:30pm BST.

Get Even first caught my attention in 2014 when its developer, The Farm 51, put out a video teasing a next-gen game with "photorealistic graphics".

While the proper gameplay trailers that emerged a couple of years later showed a graphical downgrade, they did give me a strong Condemned: Criminal Oranges vibe. That was enough to keep Get Even on my radar, even though the cryptic story trailers left me utterly confused as to what the game was actually about.

If you're as curious about the gameplay as I am and want to know if you should get Get Even even if you're short of cash, join me at 3:30pm BST when I'll be playing through the first 90 minutes of the campaign.

For those of you wondering where our review is by the way, expect to find it on the site tomorrow morning at 8am sharp.

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Get Even

iOS, PS4, Xbox One, PC

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