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Tetris Effect players have discovered a secret Game Boy Tetris stage

Block party.

There's a secret stage in the wonderful Tetris Effect - and it's pure nostalgia fuel.

Tetris Effect has a Weekly Ritual system that is, effectively, a community goal. When it's reached, new things appear in the game. The weekend just gone - Tetris Effect's launch weekend - saw this community goal met and a "1989" stage that turns Tetris Effect into the Game Boy version of Tetris - complete with retro graphics and that music - unlocked.

Once the goal was met, this secret stage popped up within Effect Mode (the non-campaign part of the game) and was selectable from any of the modes that let you pick a stage - so, for example, Marathon.

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The stage disappeared for some after the weekend, but you can unlock it permanently if you hit level 50.

I love this! Tetris Effect is an already wonderful game (read Christian Donlan's review to find out why), but having timed events keeps things feeling fresh, and cool secret stages just add to the mix.

What next? Fingers crossed for a NES Tetris stage!

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