Tetris Effect

Tetris gets the Tetsuya Mizuguchi makeover, to dazzling effect.

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Hey remember that time when Eurogamer decided Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Tetris Effect was the best game of 2018? Well, Enhance has announced that it'll be letting PS4 owners play it for free this weekend, no purchase required. So, assuming you haven't managed to give Tetris Effect a go already, now's your chance to check it out and immediately rush back to the comments section to tell us how wrong we were. That's fine, I have no stake in this. I voted for Sea of Thieves.

What a strange year for video games. A hastily-assembled, bandwagon-jumping mode for a failing game, Fortnite, became a cultural sensation that dominated the conversation in playgrounds and newsrooms. Rockstar returned from five years away with another vast and meticulous undertaking, no doubt expecting the plaudits and massive sales Red Dead Redemption 2 received, but perhaps unprepared for the pillorying it took for the working conditions under which the game was made. Bethesda Game Studios certainly seemed unprepared when it attempted to wrestle its already creaking and disobedient gaming framework into the online future with Fallout 76, and the resulting empty and malfunctioning game was met with flat-out rejection. EA rolled out another slick, warlike megaproduction, but had to hastily scale back Battlefield 5's marketing when it became apparent that nobody cared much.

VideoIan's top ten best PSVR games of 2018

It's a Christmas countdown corner!

Welcome one and all to a very special Christmas episode of Ian's VR Corner where I'll be going over my top ten best PSVR games of 2018. The following list is completely my opinion and it only features games I've played, so if I've missed out on one of your favourites it may just be that I've not had a chance to give it a go. Well, it's either that or I did play it and I just thought it was a bit poo. Either way, please do share the love for your favourite PSVR games in the comments below and hopefully you can inspire others to try them out too.

Tetris Effect review - the eternal puzzler reimagined on a truly cosmic scale

Timeless, immediately compelling and utterly without mercy, Tetris has always been a game about what isn't there - or rather a game about what isn't there yet. It's a game about the puzzle pieces you don't currently have, and all the stupid stuff you get up to before they arrive. Tetris - the way I play it anyway, forever awaiting that long block - is the story of how you got so hopelessly drunk to fight off pre-party nerves that, once the actual party had started, you had to go home early - and on the way home you fell down an open manhole and broke your ankle.

Tetris Effect

Developer: Enhance, Monstars, Resonair

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Digital FoundryThe evolution of Tetris - and why Tetris Effect is "the perfect game"

UPDATE: New video with real arcade hardware and more games!

UPDATE 14/11/18 9:20am: We've updated the original video with two additional games and made changes in accordance to Arika's posted guidelines on The Grand Master series. The video is now more accurate than ever with footage capture from original arcade hardware bringing it inline with the rest of the content featured.

Tetsuya Mizugichi and some of the staff of Enhance Games brought Tetris Effect to our office last week. Martin and I had a go on it - actually, Martin had already been able to play it in Japan, so he watched - and we wrote up our thoughts afterwards. In short, Enhance has a serious banger on its hands. I'm already very excited about this week's demo.

Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Tetris Effect gets a November release date

Tetris Effect, legendary designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi's musical reimagining of the classic falling block puzzler, is coming to PlayStation 4 on November 9th.

Tetris Effect, which made its debut at this year's E3, marries the classic block-dropping action of Alexey Pajitnov original Tetris, with the musically enhanced psychedelia of Mizuguchi classics such as Rez, Child of Eden, and Lumines.

Based on everything shown so far, the core Tetris action largely remains the same - although there's a new "Zone" mechanic, enabling players to freeze time and Tetronimos. The major change appears to be primarily presentational, with all actions creating their own audio and visual responses, steadily building into the kind of hypnotic light and sound show that should be instantly recognisable to those familiar with Mizuguchi's previous work.

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