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Tetris 99 has a new mode you can only play if you've come first

Plus daily missions and more.

Tetris 99 has been updated today with a new mode you won't be able to play unless you've reached the coveted first place spot in a previous game.

Invictus looks like a mode designed for the best of the best, which I am not, where top-placed players can battle it out amongst themselves.

Today's update, which brings the game to version 2.0, also adds daily missions. Completing these will reward you with tickets to spend on custom themes - such as Mario and Zelda - of the kind we've seen given away in previous special events.

If you own the paid Big Block DLC, there's more for you too - including local multiplayer and arena modes.

The update is available now, while a physical version of the game including its Big Block DLC and a 12-month Nintendo Online subscription will launch on 20th September.