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Metroid and Tetris 99 join forces with a new theme


Metroid and Tetris may not seem like an obvious match, but the two games are joining forces to celebrate the release of Metroid Dread.

Starting this Friday 29th October, a Metroid Grand Prix will be added to Tetris 99, in which players will be able to earn a special Metroid theme within the game.

The classic Metroid music adds a chilling edge to the game, while the iconic power up jingle plays when you win a match.

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Tetris 99 is a free-to-play battle royale version of the puzzler where you compete online against others to clear rows as quickly as possible to hinder your 98 opponents. It's available for anyone who owns Nintendo Online.

In other Metroid news, Metroid Dread players have now managed to speedrun the game in under 90 minutes. And that's without using a now infamous boss killing sequence break.

Nintendo Online provides access to online play on your Switch. An expansion has just gone online for an increased price that includes N64 and Mega Drive / Genesis games. However, it's suffering from a number of issues at launch.