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WarioWare: Get It Together heading to Tetris 99 in latest limited-time Grand Prix event

New theme unlockable this weekend.

Tetris 99, Switch's acclaimed battle royale spin on the classic block-dropping puzzler, is getting in on the WarioWare action this weekend, offering the chance to unlock an in-game theme inspired the latest comedic micro-game collection from he of the angular moustache.

WarioWare: Get It Together arrives as part of Tetris 99's latest limited-time Grand Prix event - the 24th to be held since the game's launch back in 2019 - with proceedings getting underway this Friday, 17th September and concluding next Monday, 20th September.

Usual rules apply for this one, meaning players will be awarded points for each round of Tetris 99 played online during the event, with the exact takeaway depending on their position at the end of a game. Those managing to accumulate a total of 100 points before Monday's conclusion will receive the WarioWare: Get It Together theme for use in Tetris 99 permanently.

Tetris 99 - 24th Grand Prix Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

This latest Grand Prix cup does, of course, follow in the wake of Nintendo's recently released WarioWare: Get It Together, whose typically inventive silliness - in case you missed our review as it swept across these digital pages - managed to secure itself a Eurogamer Recommended badge under the evaluative gaze of Christian Donlan.