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Tetris 99 has an adorable Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme

Turnip spin.

The next Tetris 99 tournament will unlock an Animal Crossing: New Horizons skin.

Nintendo's brilliant block puzzle battle royale regularly awards themes from Nintendo Switch games as prizes for its Maximus Event cups. The latest cup takes place from this Friday 15th May until Monday 18th May. Log on then to snag the Animal Crossing theme.

Cover image for YouTube videoTETRIS® 99 Grand Prix 13 (Nintendo Switch)

As ever, you'll simply need to log on during the event period and notch up 100 points - which you'll hopefully manage in just a few games. (You get 100 for a first place win, 50 for second, 30 for third, then 20 points for 4-10th. Get at least in the top 50 and it'll be a maximum of 10 quick games total.)

Here's a peek at the theme in action - I like how it cycles through daytime themes to funkier tunes as the match progresses: