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Test Drive Unlimited 2 delayed

To enhance and polish multiplayer.

UPDATE: Atari Europe's just sent us this note:

"To date, Test Drive Unlimited 2 has generated great media buzz and incredible excitement amongst gamers and fans of the franchise," said David Nadal, studio manager of Eden Games.

"By moving the title's release date to early 2011, we will be able to further advance the game and take into account consumer feedback to help ensure we deliver a great online lifestyle racing experience."

Atari and Eden Games will also be shifting the Beta scheduling to coincide with the new launch and will reward those already signed up with an exclusive in-game item.

Eden will confirm a new date for the Beta in the coming weeks that will roll out in several phases rewarding the most loyal fans and Test Drive communities with exclusive access to one of the most highly-anticipated racers of 2011.

ORIGINAL STORY: Atari's delayed Eden Studios' racer Test Drive Unlimited 2.

It was slated for release on 24th September for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It'll now be released during the first quarter of 2011, according to Gamespot.

The delay will give Eden Games "more time to enhance and polish the game's connected console multiplayer experience".

Eden senior producer Nour Polloni told the site the extra development time will also help the studio take into account consumer feedback.

The planned beta's also been delayed, but there's no date for that yet. Apparently, those who signed up to the beta will get an "as-yet-unannounced exclusive in-game item" as a reward.

Christian Donlan went hands-on with the racer in May.