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Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC not at an end

"Regular releases" planned.

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There's more add-on content on the cards for Test Drive Unlimited 2, Atari has informed Eurogamer - the imminent and free Exploration Pack won't be the game's "final update", as an official forum post unwittingly lead people to believe.

"This will certainly not be the final update for the game," an Atari spokesperson confirmed. "Atari will continue to support the game with regular releases of DLC.

"We do not have any further details on the content and timing at this time, but I can confirm that we will continue to evolve the gameplay and the online experience of Test Drive Unlimited 2."

A bulky update is imminent for all three versions of Test Drive Unlimited 2, although PS3 fans may wait longer depending on when the PlayStation Store re-opens for business.

Bundled with the patch is the free Exploration Pack, which adds 20 new events, new event types, new cars, new outfits and a new help channel.

The full patch notes were posted yesterday on Eurogamer.

The first 15 minutes of Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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