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Test Drive Unlimited 2 360 patch out now

Fixes corrupted save files.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eden Games has released a patch for Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Eurogamer has received reports that the Xbox 360 patch fixes corrupted saves and makes the persistent driving simulation playable again.

The patch out now is one of a two planned. Part two, which deals with problems associated with clubs among other issues, launches on Monday.

"Thank you for making TDU2 a huge success worldwide," reads an update from the development team on the official forum.

"We have worked diligently to stabilize the network and address log-in issues. Friends lists will now be populated, invites will work correctly and Clubs will be brought back online. The Casino has been optimized and the bug causing players to lose money has been resolved. We have also addressed many of the exploits in the game and will be monitoring cheating in all its forms."

The free downloadable content already promised to fans will launch soon.

Thanks to reader Wendelius for the tip.

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