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Telltale Games' long-awaited Wolf Among Us 2 gets first proper trailer, 2023 release

On PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Some five years after its original announcement, Telltale Games' long-awaited The Wolf Among Us 2 has just received a first proper trailer, along with the news it'll be launching in 2023.

The Wolf Among Us 2 has, of course, had an eventful journey to reach this point; the original game - a five-episode story-driven adventure based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic books - released almost a decade ago in 2013 to much acclaim, and the demand for a sequel was immediate. The news fans had been waiting for eventually arrived in 2017, with confirmation The Wolf Among Us 2 was in development, but progress on the title regrettably halted after developer Telltale Games shut its doors the following year.

That appeared to be the end for The Wolf Among Us 2, until the announcement one year later that Telltale was being resurrected under new management - a surprise development that would eventually see the sequel being re-announced at The Game Awards in 2019.

And now, after a period of relative silence as pre-production work continued, The Wolf Among Us 2 has received its first proper unveiling in the form of an in-engine trailer - along with a few additional details courtesy of a developer chat with the The Game Awards' Geoff Keighley.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Wolf Among Us 2 - OFFICIAL Full Trailer (2022)
The Wolf Among Us 2 - Official Full Trailer.

The Wolf Among Us 2 picks up the story some six months after the end of the original game as protagonist Bigby Wolf adjusts to his new life now he's no longer the sheriff of Fabletown. Trouble is brewing once more though, and The Wolf Among Us 2 will take Bigby on a mid-winter adventure spanning two worlds - the secretive Fabletown and the New York City in which it hides - and into the path of a NYC detective struggling to solve a case of her own.

Fans of the original can expect to see some returning characters, including Snow White, now deputy mayor of Fabletown after the events of the first game, with Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette reprising their roles as Bigby and Snow respectively. Additionally, Bufkin - the flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz - is back, along with some friends making their series debut.

There's plenty of returning talent on the development side too; The Wolf Among Us 2 is being co-developed by AdHoc Studio, which is made up of almost 50-percent former Telltale employees (as detailed in a recent GameInformer profile) and was co-founded by Nick Herman - who served as co-director on the original Wolf Among Us, was director on the wonderful, woefully under-appreciated Tales from the Borderlands, and has credits stemming all the way back to Telltale's 2007 outing, Sam & Max: Season One.

According to new Telltale boss Jamie Ottilie, who resurrected the company after its original closure, The Wolf Among Us 2 - which retains the striking look of its predecessor despite a shift to the Unreal Engine - will once again utilise the episodic format synonymous with previous Telltale Games. However, this time, its five episodes will all be completed ahead of launch, with the goal being to release a new instalment on a regular schedule.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is currently deep in production and on track for a 2023 launch. There's no exact date for its arrival on PlayStation, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store yet, however, with Telltale insisting it'll only ship it "when it's right".