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Tekken 7 gets Tekken Bowl - the greatest Tekken mini-game ever - in August


Christmas 2000. All I did was play Tekken Bowl - via Tekken Tag Tournament - on my brand spanking new PlayStation 2. Tekken Bowl after Tekken Bowl after Tekken Bowl. Lining up my shot, curling it into that sweet spot for strike after strike after strike.


Back then, Tekken Bowl mode was included with Tekken Tag Tournament as an extra mode. DLC didn't exist in 2000. Fast forward 17 years and DLC very much exists, and so Tekken Bowl is DLC for the recently-released Tekken 7.

The Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC comes out this August, Bandai Nacmo said. The video below shows Tekken chief Katsuhiro Harada bowling in real life as well as a bit of gameplay. It very much looks like Tekken Bowl from back in the day, but with the new characters and fancier graphics of Tekken 7. Honestly, that's all I need. Oh, that and online play, please.

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Back to Tekken Bowl circa 2000, I also loved the way the characters would slide down the lane if you messed everything up. That was hilarious.

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