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Team Fortress 2 Love and War update kicks off

UPDATE: Day two adds new weapons and items.

UPDATE: Day two of the Love and War update for free-to-play multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 adds new weapons and items to the game.

In a post on the Team Fortress website, Valve outlined the raft of guns and items added to the game, as well as new achievements.

Weapon highlights include the Back Scatter, which minicrits targets when fired at their back and at close range, the B.A.S.E. Jumper parachute and the Air Strike rocket launcher, which increases attack speed while blast jumping.

Items are inspired by the recently released TF2 movie Expiration Date, and include the Bread Bite gloves and Mutated Milk.

Expect more gubbins tomorrow.

ORIGINAL STORY: Valve has launched the Love and War update for free-to-play first-person shooter Team Fortress 2.

Yesterday the update kicked off with a 15 minute Team Fortress 2 film, created with Source Filmmaker, called Expiration Date. It features all your favourite character classes from the game getting up to no good.

Valve also revealed some new expressions: the conga, the square dance, the skull cracker, the flip and rock, paper scissors.

And there are seven achievements.

Expect more updates today and tomorrow. Fans are speculating Valve will add a bread monster fighting mode of some sort, as hinted by the video, and new weapons and maps.

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