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Syndicate Gamescom reveal rumoured

Pulled Tweet sets tongues wagging.

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The Darkness developer Starbreeze's long rumoured Syndicate reboot may be set for a Gamescom reveal.

A Tweet from Starbreeze developer Rickard Johansson, spotted by (via VG247) set tongues wagging last night.

"Grand moment approaching. The reveal for Starbreeze and EA's Project Redlime. Time to meet the press."

The Tweet has since been removed.

Project Redlime is the codename for the new EA published Syndicate game. At E3 2011 in June then EA Games Label boss Frank Gibeau told Eurogamer Syndicate was in development, but refused to go into greater detail.

It has been suggested that Syndicate will reinvent Bullfrog's top-down classic as a first person shooter. It will also have a strong multiplayer focus, recent reports suggest.

The game has apparently had a rocky development, with the project being restarted several times thanks to tech issues, creative differences within the team and a number of staff leaving the studio.

EA holds a press conference at Gamescom on Tuesday, 16th August.

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