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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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2K Games announces The Darkness II

Made by Dark Sector dev Digital Extremes.

2K Games has announced sequel The Darkness II for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game arrives this autumn.

The sequel will not be made by The Darkness developer Starbreeze. Instead, Digital Extremes, developer of Dark Sector, will do the honours.

The Darkness II rejoins possessed hero Jackie Estacado, now boss of The Mob, as a full-scale gangster war breaks out and his monstrous Darkness powers surface.

Those, if you remember, were voiced by Mike Powell [Surely you mean Mike Patton, you turnip brain -Ed], and comprised of tentacled heads and little dog-goblin things that did your bidding. They each had their own powers and they also talked to you.

"Sometimes that whooshing sound you hear is that of comic fans holding their collective breath. So often disappointed when a favourite character gives birth to a lame movie or videogame, us fans have come to expect the worst. And sometimes we get it," said Marc Silvestri, owner of Top Cow productions and co-creator of The Darkness comic.

"But not with The Darkness II.

"Yeah, call me biased, but this second instalment of Jackie Estacado's epic saga is – in my humble opinion – one of the most brutally cool games I've ever played. 2K Games hammered this one out of the park."

The Darkness, released in 2007, remains a dark, delicious and dastardly first-person shooter. It looked bloody good, too. What did Eurogamer think? 8/10: "Once The Darkness gets its tentacles around you, resistance is futile."

The Darkness, the original.