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Switch's Luigi's Mansion 2 spruce-up is launching next "summer"

Featuring a selection of multiplayer modes.

A scared-looking Luigi shines a torch at the viewer.
Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo's previously announced Luigi's Mansion 2 spruce-up - which it's now officially calling Luigi's Mansion 2 HD - is set to launch for Switch next "summer".

A enhanced version of Luigi's Mansion 2 (originally titled Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon when it launched for 3DS back in 2013) was initially unveiled in June, but today's Nintendo Direct offered a substantially longer look at its spooky ghost-hoovering action.

The twist in Luigi's Mansion 2, if you're unfamiliar with the original, is that it plays out across not just one ghost-infested haunted dwelling, but five - starting with the kind of classic spook house seen in its GameCube predecessor, and continuing through the likes of a former research lab, run-down clock factory, snowy mine, and more.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD gameplay trailer.Watch on YouTube

All the single-player ghost-busting of the 3DS game is back, and Nintendo is also promising four-player online action across a number of different modes. Notably, the original only featured one multiplayer mode - the co-operative floor-clearing Thrill Tower - so it'll be interesting to see what else we get this time around.

Expect more on Luigi's Mansion 2 HD as its release next summer approaches.

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