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Princess Peach game, enhanced version of Luigi's Mansion 2 coming next year

Turn that crown upside down.

An upcoming Princess Peach-focused game was announced at today's Nintendo Direct.

Details are still incredibly sparse. The short teaser showed the platform's Princess Toadstool making her way along a rather fairytale-looking street set on a theatre stage. Then she made a tree burst into bloom to open a door, all thanks to a nifty use of magic.

Nintendo Direct.Watch on YouTube

She then magically changed from her standard pink dress into something a little more dazzling, and the trailer ends.

We don't have a release date, or a title yet, but the princess' game will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch in 2024. You can see the trailer thanks to the tweet below.

We also got a little look at the visually enhanced version of Luigi's Mansion 2, which will also be arriving on the Nintendo Switch next year.

As with Peach's game, there isn't much more news to share other than that, but you can see its announcement in the tweet below.

Elsewhere during Nintendo's Direct, the company announced a remake of SNES classic Super Mario RPG.

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