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Supermassive Games teases The Quarry, with full reveal coming tomorrow

Looks like it will be a scream...

Supermassive Games has unveiled a small clip for its new game The Quarry. While only a short little snippet so far, the developer has a full reveal up its sleeves, which is planned for tomorrow.

"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger," the developer teased on Twitter earlier today.

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But other than that incredibly ominous line, details on The Quarry are currently pretty sparce, with Supermassive Games only saying its "all-new horror experience" will come this summer.

More will hopefully be revealed tomorrow.

The first anyone had heard of The Quarry was in February. As Vikki reported at the time, Supermassive filed a new trademark for The Quarry with the European Union's Intellectual Property Office.

Unlike many of Supermassive Game's most popular titles so far, The Quarry is not tied to the company's ongoing The Dark Pictures anthology series.

For fans of those games, however, there are likely going to be plenty more of them coming.

In January, Supermassive Games also trademarked logos and titles for five other future projects. All of these particular trademarks appear to be upcoming releases in The Dark Pictures series.

Elsewhere, there have been rumours circulating that the developer's 2016 teen scream Until Dawn is also getting a remake.

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