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Super Mario 64 mod adds online co-op to the 16 year old classic

Play as Mario's never before heard of twin brother.

A new PC mod for Super Mario 64 allows two players to tackle its challenges cooperatively online.

Modder Skelux just released the co-op version on Super Mario Star Road, a site dedicated to a different Mario 64 mod.

This seems more attuned to what fans of the classic would want, though. It maintains the nostalgia of Nintendo's 16 year old level design with a new twist that seems like it would genuinely enhance the game, albeit make it easier.

The only downside is that the second player can't play as Luigi and instead must settle for an awkwardly coloured Mario doppelganger. This is a fan-made project after all.

Check out Super Mario 64's new co-op in the release trailer below.

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