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Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch gets another generous free update

New world, characters, pets, maps, and mode for esports play.

Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Bomberman R gets a chunky free update full of new stuff to download today.

The generous selection of new features includes a Grand Prix mode which publisher Konami said is designed for "future esports initiatives". It's a 3v3 versus mode with a couple of match types.

Crystal matches task the two teams with collecting crystals to earn points. Getting bombed means you lose half your total. Then there's the Basic Bomber match, which follows standard Bomberman rules with a stock of lives.

There's lots else, too - a new World 7 story and bosses, more maps, nine new characters - and for some reason, pets. New characters include:

  • Goemon Bomber
  • Dracula Bomber
  • Princess Tomato Bomber
  • Bubble Head Bomber
  • Option Bomber
  • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
  • Jehuty Bomber
  • Anubis Bomber
  • Reiko Bomber

Konami previously added a selection of characters from its various other games (Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, Simon Belmont Bomber).

Writing on the game's Facebook page today, the company promised yet more free content to come. "We are not done," Konami wrote. "The future is bright for Bomberman!"