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Stunning Korean Heavy Rain-like thriller is next game from NCSoft

Project M showcases Unreal Engine 5.

Korean studio NCSoft has released a trailer for its forthcoming dramatic thriller Project M.

Developed in Unreal Engine 5 and releasing on console, the team is aiming for ultra-realistic graphics - and it's certainly achieving that.

Judging by a blog post accompanying the trailer, NCSoft appear to be using 3D scanning, motion capture, and special effects, resulting in some incredibly detailed character models. You can see it in action in the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoNCing | Project M Trailer I eNCounter I 엔씨소프트(NCSOFT)

As for gameplay, it looks like Heavy Rain-esque quicktime events will feature as the main character seeks revenge against his murdered lover.

The button prompts are all PlayStation, so presumably the game will be headed to PS5.

The trailer brings plenty of drama: love, violence, family, and perhaps a touch of the supernatural.

NCSoft has released a number of mobile games and the MMORPGs Lineage and Guild Wars. Project M certainly feels like a step up.