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Street Fighter 5 will finally get an arcade mode in 2018, big Amazon leak reveals

UPDATE: Capcom confirms.

UPDATE: Capcom has confirmed Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition.

The fighting game comes out on 16th January 2018 priced $39.99. It includes all 28 characters, including those from season one and two (one more character from season two is still to be announced). Each character gets a second V-Trigger, although Capcom has yet to detail them.

Also included is the long-awaited Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, a Gallery and a redesigned user interface.

All the new gameplay-related content will be available as part of a free in-game update for current players, Capcom said. Current players will still have to buy DLC characters.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Street Fighter 5 will finally get an arcade mode early next year, according to a leak on Amazon.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition leaked last month with no product details. Now it's popped up on Amazon and the online shop has spilled all the beans.

According to Amazon, the Arcade Edition gets an arcade mode in which you "choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games". Sounds interesting!

Also included is a gallery in which you unlock hundreds of illustrations, and Extra Battle mode, which charges you with completing timed challenges to get exclusive costumes throughout 2018.

Of most interest to players, however, is the addition of new v-triggers (character-changing special moves). According to Amazon, each character will have two v-triggers, "adding even more depth to the combat system".

And there's word of "new visuals". The user interface is being redesigned with new colour schemes, revised menus and "exciting" pre-and-post-fight effects.

There's even more from the leak. According to Amazon, all Street Fighter 5 owners (vanilla and Arcade) will be placed into the same pool, with PS4 and PC cross-platform play continuing.

The product description stresses the initial Street Fighter 5 purchase is still the only one consumers need to ensure they always have the most up-to-date version of the fighting game, which suggests a big update is coming free of charge.

And finally, the Amazon leak reveals a 16th January 2018 release date. With Comic-Con right around the corner, expect an official announcement soon.

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