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Street Fighter 5 players are already doing some pretty crazy stuff with Abigail

Oh, and he's too big for stage transitions.

Street Fighter 5's latest DLC character Abigail only came out last night but players have already discovered he's capable of some pretty insane stuff in the fighting game.

Let's start with this tweet from Street Fighter pro Giustino, which shows that with a full EX bar, Abigail can do some big damage off of just one crush counter. And with just one mix-up following the combo, Abigail can kill Ryu.

Next up we have what looks like a pretty annoying corner trap. The EX version of Abigail's Giant Flip can be extended. So, if you keep pressing punch, Abigail will keep slamming the ground. Do this to an opponent in the corner and, well, you might get the sort of situation Vesper Arcade made the most of.

The counter to this is to simply quick rise after being knocked down the first time and block, but this early in Abigail's life, you might just get away with it.

It turns out Abigail can do a jump-in in the middle of a combo. Because why not?

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Street Fighter combo master Desk has been having some early days fun with Abigail. In the video below, he uses the eight foot tall giant's projectile deflect ability to create some impractical combos against poor Guile.

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Here's a 10 minute video showing fighting game legend Daigo Umehara using Abigail to beat down opponents online. Already he looks pretty useful.

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Here's Korean fighting game superstar Infiltration using Abigail to jab his way to victory. Abigail's jab looks pretty annoying.

And finally, it's emerged stage transitions do not work with Abigail. This makes sense when you imagine trying to squeeze the biggest character in Street Fighter history into that flying chair or that cannon. It's not going to happen.

Street Fighter 5 fans certainly weren't sure about Abigail when he was announced, but I get the impression the community is warming up to him. He's big and silly and over-the-top and, if early impression are anything to go by, a little bit dangerous and a lot of fun to play.

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