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State of Decay shows off its stealth gameplay

In honour of the day of the dead.

Earlier this summer we looked at Undead Labs' wildly ambitious XBLA and PC open-world zombie game State of Decay and now a new gameplay clip has been released showing off its stealth mechanics.

These days stealth has become synonymous with "sneak around behind someone and knock them out when a button prompt pops up," but that would be silly with zombies, and Undead Labs knows it. Instead, you set off diversions to distract the shambling hoards.

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Sure the path of least resistance isn't always the most exciting option, but having played some of State of Decay I can say that it's best not to get cocky. I thought I'd be an unstoppable zombie mowing machine in my car until they started ripping the doors off and yanking me out. They're persistent buggers, but I guess you ain't got much to lose when you're already dead.

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